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Sustainability is a word that we’re all hearing more and more these days. There’s good reason for this – after all, we all need to do our bit to reduce our impact on the environment and planet. Sustainable modular home designs are a great place to start. With eco-friendly house construction methods and a long list of environmental benefits, they’re the real deal.

At PIQUE, innovation and sustainability lie at the heart of everything we do. Our sustainable prefab homes combine aesthetics with considered functionality, ensuring they perform as well as they look. Today, we’re here to outline just a few of the positives that come from using innovative, sustainable building materials to create the modular home of your dreams right here in WA.

PIQUE modular home are built to last

Our PIQUE steel-framed modular homes are built tough. Steel frame construction offers various benefits to traditional timber framing, including higher resistance to storm and wind damage, fire resistance and 100% resistance to those pesky termites that can wreak havoc on timber beams. This termite protection also means you don’t have to spend money on harsh chemicals or toxins to keep these pests at bay – a total win/win. It all adds up to a solid foundation you can rely on.

Lower environmental footprint

Timber-framed homes require a large number of trees to be logged for their timber. This results in the release of carbon emissions, as well as depleting our forests and disturbing the habitats of native animals and birds. On the other hand, steel frames used in sustainable construction require no deforestation, and are created from recycled materials.

Faster construction speed

Every bespoke steel frame construction for our PIQUE sustainable prefab homes takes place in our purpose-built facilities. These undercover production facilities enable our team to construct our PIQUE homes in around half the time as a traditional build, all while we’re prepping your site at the same time. From a sustainability perspective, this means far fewer resources being consumed.
Want to know more about our efficient eco-friendly house construction process? View our seven step process to see how the magic happens. You can also read our blog post about the step-by-step journey in building a steel-framed modular home.

Greater energy efficiency

Sustainable construction materials are good for both the environment and your back pocket. Our PIQUE range of passive solar prefab homes are custom designed by our in-house team to work with your block to create improved energy efficiency year-round. With home designs that are cooler in summer and warmer in winter, you’ll spend less money on energy costs.

Reduced site disruption

Eco-friendly house construction is about minimising disruption to the environment whenever possible – and our PIQUE designer modular homes do just that. Our steel-framed modular homes are lighter in weight than their timber counterparts, allowing them to be efficiently transported and erected on site with minimum earthworks required. This also enables us to better work with more challenging sites, such as slopes or uneven ground.

Cost-effective sustainable construction

Sustainable prefab homes have never been more inviting. PIQUE is here to shake up traditional modular home design, using innovative, sustainable building materials to create truly beautiful homes.

We’re passionate about making our mark for the right reasons, offering a variety of sustainable modular homes that reduce their environmental footprint without compromising form or function. If you’re interested in finding out more, be sure to view our range of one, two, three and four bedroom designs. You can also visit us at our Display Village in Gnangara, where you can walk through some of our most popular designs and speak to our team. We look forward to chatting with you soon!