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There are many exciting moments that come with building a new home – and building a modular home is no exception. Modular home construction has come a very long way over the years, thanks to new designs and innovations.

With a philosophy of delightful curiosity, our PIQUE team is dedicated to making prefab home construction as simple and enjoyable as possible. From design to completion, we’re ready to make building a modular home an unforgettable experience, for all the right reasons.

So, what exactly is involved in modular home construction? We’ll take you through the journey from the initial ideas through to a finished modular dwelling.


At PIQUE, building a modular home starts with a good chat. Our team will meet with you to discuss your ideas and add a few of our own. We’ll also get to understand the specifics of your block, as the size and orientation will have a big impact on the modular home construction. Basically, we want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your block and your modular dwelling!

Design and Approvals

The design stage is where we’ll give you more of a PIQUE into what your finished modular dwelling can look like. This is one of the most exciting stages of prefab home construction. Our range of PIQUE designs showcase our experience in building modular homes, with options to suit everyone. You’ll also have the option to customise the design or make any further modifications as you see fit.

At this point, our team can also assist you with any building approvals. Depending on the council, these can take up to 90 days to process, but are a vital component of the modular home construction process.


Our PIQUE prefab home construction takes place at one of our custom-built facilities at Gnangara, Bibra Lake or Malaga. When building a modular home, you’ll be looking at an average timeframe of 20 weeks between slab to the completion of your modular dwelling.

While our construction team is busy building your modular home, our site team will be getting your block ready so that everything is set up for a seamless delivery.

Transport and Installation

Once our team have finalised your prefab home construction, we’ll hit the road. Our team can deliver our PIQUE home designs to most locations across Western Australia. When we reach the site, we’ll then work to get everything installed. If you’re one of our “supply only” or owner/builder contracts, you’ll need to sort out your local trades to complete this step.

Move In

And that’s it for building a modular home with PIQUE. Once the BA7 is received through your local council, you’re good to go. Enjoy turning your PIQUE of modular living into the real thing. Quality modular home construction never seemed so simple!

Building a modular home

If all this building talk has left you wanting to explore the possibilities of building a modular home, let’s get started. With so many positives to modular home construction, there’s never been a better time to start your journey.

You can find out more about our prefab home construction process, or view our growing list of modular dwellings to find a design that suits you. Our Display Den is also a great way to get a feel for what’s involved in building a modular home, and is also home to our brand-new Shorehouse Display.

So, when you’re ready to get building a modular home, our PIQUE team is here to help.  Get in touch today!